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8 Rules to Market & Sell Your Home

A home that goes unnoticed, is a home that doesn't sell. Real estate marketing boils down, in its most simplistic form, to that basic rule. When selling your Livingston Parish home, it is essential for you to catch the eye of as many potential buyers as possible. Once their attention is yours, the last thing you want to do is scare them away with a home that looks downtrodden. To best suit your needs, we here at want to provide you with the 8 rules for marketing your home, to ensure the successful sale of your property. 

1. Online Presence

Gone are the days where simply sticking a ‘For Sale’ sign in the yard sells a home. The Internet is a terrific tool that allows buyers to view your home in seconds, through photos. From here, buyers interested in your home can easily set up an appointment for a viewing. The key to selling a home, especially if you want it sold in a short time-frame, is having many viewers. The more people that are viewing your Livingston Parish home, the higher the chances that someone will be interested and purchase your property. If you're not using the internet to assist you with the marketing and sale of your home, it's time to get on the train or you may end up in the dust. Listing with MLS and marketing sites will go a long way to getting your home sold, especially in a short amount of time. Also, reputable listing agents are known for their effective and well-thought out strategy for selling, as well.

2. The Price Is (Not) Right

It's not uncommon for sellers to overprice their properties due to their emotional attachments, however the high price scares away even the most intent of buyers. Now, with such easy access to numerous resources, to include pricing tools, a Livingston Parish buyer can know within seconds if your home is comparable to other properties listed in the area. If your home is overpriced, buyers are going to skip over your listing and you just lost a potential sale. On the other hand, pricing too low cuts into your bottom line, and of course you want to get the most return on your property. To resolve this dilemma, find out what your home is worth and price it accordingly.

3. Your Picture-Perfect Home

You shouldn't be surprised to learn that buyers want to see as much of your home as possible, before making the appointment with you or your agent to actually see it in person. This means that one photo of the exterior isn't going to cut it. In today's society, we value things that are quick and efficient; no one likes to feel like their time has been wasted. In order to attract buyers to view your property, include many photos-- inside and out. You may want to consider professional photography, in order to catch viewers' attention, attracting more viewers to view your property, and thus getting it sold faster.

4. Videos Trump Pictures

While photos are wonderful and attract buyers to view your listing, do you know what trumps them? Videos. A well composed video or virtual tour of the home allows buyers to see a more realistic view of the house and the home's layout. When done well, videos will increase a potential buyer's interest in your home and will encourage the interested buyer to set up an appointment with you or your agent to view the home.

5. Put Your Home In A Buyers Hands

Direct mail is an "oldie but a goodie." In order to reach a larger audience, you want to make sure that you are using every possible marketing method. While the internet and free publications are popular, you can’t guarantee that a person is going to go online or go to a store that has these free publications, respectively, you can usually count on them to check their mail. Using direct mail, will literally put your Livingston Parish home right in their hand(s). Also, if you are unsure of where to mail your home ads, there are some very inexpensive, while effective, direct mail campaigns that can assist you.

6. "For Sale" Signs Come in Handy

While solely having a "For Sale" sign in your yard may decrease your chances of selling your Livingston Parish home, as it reduces the amount of viewers to the small population that happens to drive by your house, they can contribute to the sale of your property. While it is a small population, some buyers do use the old-fashioned approach and drive around to view homes for sale. Or, they may be viewing another property and notice a "For Sale" sign on the road leading to their destination and add your home onto their list of homes to view. Regardless of how potential viewers see your sign, the key is that these signs are still valuable. This means that you should use a "For Sale" sign when selling your home-- make sure the sign is clean and provides the viewer with easy to read contact information.

7. Non-Stop Curb Appeal

Whether the potential buyer is coming to view the home for the first time or is interested in the property after seeing the "For Sale" sign, it is essential that your Livingston Parish home looks its best-- especially from the street view. This is the first impression the potential buyer gets from your home and you want it to be a good one. With this in mind, you want your home to look presentable at all times (not just the day of the appointment) while for sale; you never know who is going to drive by-- and you want to attract as many potential buyers as possible.

8. Host an Open House

The previous 7 rules discussed should encourage an influx of potential Livingston Parish buyers. However, if you want to increase your viewers, an open house is always a good idea. This will allow potential buyers to view your home without having to set an exact viewing time-- instead they have a time window. Staging becomes an important factor during an open house and having the right agent on your side to help you will be extremely helpful. A couple tips are to use light fragrance candles and play some relaxing music.

Speed Up the Process of Selling Your Livingston Parish Home!

Selling your home without the help of a real estate professional can be an extremely stressful and difficult; however, it is do-able. These 8 simple rules are a good place to start if your are trying to sell your home, without the use of a real estate agent. However, if you decide you are ready to use an expert, our experienced team of Livingston Parish professionals are here to assist you! Contact Ashley Fuller, and let us help sell your home fast and for more money!

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